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"At a young age, I discovered my purpose in life: to help others. Making candles became my creative outlet and after a year of making them I started infusing them with vitamins, botanical oils, and essential oils for skin benefits and aromatherapy. As I traveled on this journey, I became more spiritually aware, and sound healing kept presenting itself to me. Anywhere I'd go it would poke it's head out at me and smile. I pursued this calling and became a certified Sound Healing practitioner, studying under Tom Llewellyn, the CTAA, Vicki Gould and Jim Schmidlin. Now, I use my intuition and spirit guides to perform unique sound baths that help others find their best versions of themselves and live their best lives". 

Angelina Offers: 

*Tuning Fork Facials

* Pain Management

* 30 Minute Chakra/Energy Balance 

* 30 Minute Sound Journey

* 1 Hour Sound Healing 

Contact Angelina to Schedule: 
Text/ Call: (716) 220-1730

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