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Briana Postle, LCSW, TCYM

I am the founder of "Peace of Mind". A vision I had years ago, brought to fruition to create a space where multiple avenues for healing and services for mental health support were housed under one roof. 

I have been a social worker for 15 years. I am trained in EMDR, and therapies such as CBT, DBT, schema therapy, and mindfulness based therapy. I am also a Trauma Conscious Yoga Method practitioner which allows my clients to experience connection between the mind and body in session if they wish. I have provided counseling in a variety of settings. I work with teens and adults who have been dealing with depression, anxiety, trauma, situational stressors, life changes, and post partum challenges.

At any given time in our lives, we may experience times where we feel overwhelmed; it can even feel overwhelming to consider scheduling a counseling session. I understand that ambivalence and I want to hear about it. Counseling can often seem like the last resort, but it truly is just the beginning of the road to your fullest potential. 

I am currently not accepting new clients, my focus at the co-op has shifted from individual work into helping with the programming of everything, facilitating groups (such as trauma focused yoga, grief groups, etc), and running our non-profit, "Together We Bloom". 

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