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Our Caring Team that Makes this Possible:
Briana Postle, Zandra Campese, Nicole Phillips-Miles,  Collette Campese, Valerie Prince, Jeannie Gallaway    & all of our co-op members who actively participate  via contribution.
With Special Thanks to the Michael Boedo Community Foundation & Silver Creek Central School for continued support!
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Recognizing that access to mental health services is a social justice issue, we have come together to provide a proactive approach to enhance mental/ emotional wellness at no cost to the community. 

Please take a moment to take our Fall 2023 Community Needs Survey. Your answers are anonymous & crucial for future funding. Thank you!


Once per month (Saturday) at 11am- come join Shavonne Stevens (Love What I Doula), a certified Birth and Post-Partum Doula. Bring your kiddos/ babies and join in on the mom-versations. It's just a place to gather when you are in the thick of parent-hood and need some connections with other moms. A non-judgmental place to be heard or sit down for a bit and have a snack. "Healing through connection". Also, are you a new mom and would like some support from a post-partum doula? Please email: , we have some funding available to help with the cost. 

Mother's Circle
Follow our Social Media Pages
for upcoming dates!


EmpOURed Minds
with Alicia Kimmerly, LCAT
Saturday's @1pm. May 18- June 8

A 4 week empowerment series for teen girls (ages 13^). "Where words fail, art speaks". Sign-up's are now closed, as group is in progress.


A 4 week series for our younger bloomers (ages 5-10) "Little bodies, strong minds". If your child is attending summer rec at Silver Creek, you can opt to have them walked over for the program by a camp counselor. 


Self-Care Series
Session 1- June 8 @10am
Session 2- June 21 @7pm
Session 3- July 13 @10pm
Session 4- July 20 @10am

A 4 week series focusing on self-care. Each session will focus on a component of self-care. The first session will focus on creating a self-care plan and analyzing where we can make improvements. Session 2 will focus on sleep hygiene. Yin yoga, sound healing, and a make & take magnesium cream. Session 3 will focus on setting boundaries, letting go of guilt, and emotion regulation. Our final session will conclude with a nature hike practicing the skill of mindfulness and journaling.

A 4 week series for our littlest bloomers- ages 3-6. A 

parent/ child class with a Music Education graduate.

The series will be a fun, interactive music class learning how to use rhythm to regulate, and a fun time for parent/ child bonding. We have music instruments, puppet theater, and more!


Other Programs/ Opportunities/ Future Goals provided by Together We Bloom, Inc:
* Free Community Yoga Classes (once per month) for grown-up self-care
* Relief for families that have a family member with a severe mental illness or post-partum mood disorders (door-dash gift cards, lawn service or cleaning service gift certificates).
Please email: if you have a family in mind.


If you care about our mission and would like to support our ongoing efforts, consider making a donation here and be sure to specify it is a donation for "Together We Bloom": venmo: @briana-postle (last 4 of phone: 2993)

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