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Yoga Schedule

Individual Classes $5-15 (varies based on instructor)


Intermediate Yoga (Monica)

Wednesdays, 6:30-8pm-Starting in June

​A class for those seeking to expand on their basic skill set in yoga asana., pranayama, and relaxation. Summer session will include instruction in head balance and shoulder stands. Class level suitable for those without significant pain or injury- and capable of moving to the floor and back up with ease. 

Gentle Beginning and Continuing Yoga (Monica)

Sundays 9-10:15am- Starting in June

A class with little or no knowledge of yoga asana, pranayama, and relaxation. Summer classes will be structured to meet the needs and level of participants. No class will be complete without genuine nidra or systematic relaxation. Class level suitable for all. 

Reflections Classes: (Bri)

Saturday's 9am- Resumes Saturday June 8

This is a Hatha style classes.  Hatha focuses on breathing, postures, and poses and the technique of each. Typically a slower-flow compared to a Vinyasa class.


Each class will have a theme, or you can set your own intention. Perfect for beginners or challenge yourself as I will provide some options for intermediate levels. We will begin slowly, incorporating poses that will help us prepare for a "peak pose". Moving into salutation variations (as this class will either be in the morning or evening. At the end of class you can use your journal during a 5 minute reflection time. You can add your takeaways from class, maybe something you were proud of, or what your intention was, or how you related/connected to an emotion or thought or the theme of the class. 

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Vinyasa Flow- Intermediate: (Mary)- returning Fall 2024

Vinyasa Yoga is a dynamic practice that links postures together with a series of movements (vinyasa) while focusing on the breath to create balance in the mind and body. We will open class with Omkara (Om) before moving into the physical practice (asana). The last fifteen minutes will be dedicated to pranayama (breathing), restoring and surrendering in savasana (relaxation). We will close our practice together with Omkara (Om). It is recommended that students are familiar with some of the foundational poses; however, everyone is welcome. Variations are taught to meet students where they are today on their yoga discovery (everyone begins somewhere) :) 

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