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Yoga Instructors

Monica deMello-Patterson

I have been a student of life since I was in my 20’s-- a true seeker in every way. Curiosity, a building on experience and a love for this planet inform my teaching. Since those early days of wonder and exploration, life has trajected me through schooling, parenthood, and into professional roles of early childhood, social work and health education. I have delved deeply into the science and practice and teaching of the somatic and psychological technologies of yoga, meditation, nutrition and health, sound therapy, and SOMA Breathwork. Classes with me will take you deep where you need to go. Each student will come away with their own unique experiences and learn what they need to learn at the perfect moment when they need. I strive to reconnect students in our practice to the body-- the body and breath as the gateway to health and healing. Let the breath take you so you find your way back to yourself and let your body have you again. It all begins with the next breath.

Briana Postle, RYT 200, TCYM

Mary Helfeldt, RYT 500


We all experience ebs and flows in our lives. I suppose that is why I feel so connected to yoga. The constriction then release, the strengthening then stretching, the inhaling and exhaling to guide each movement. Just as the ups and downs in our lives--maybe difficult at first, but then at a certain point, we find ourselves transformed by it. All the while we are breathing through each and every situation we go through. Some situations (poses) easier than others, maybe some we feel prepared for because we've done it before, and others are new and more difficult. Each time we return to the mat we are giving ourselves that gift of confidence through courage. 

As a therapist, I understand offering choice and having control in your own yoga journey. I am certified in the Trauma Conscious Yoga Method in addition to being a certified yoga instructor. Your journey and goals for taking yoga is important to me. 



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