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Christopher Postle, LCSW

Our past experiences, whether we realize it or not can shape our thoughts, beliefs and emotions in current situations. By understanding this more we can really free ourselves from emotional distress.

I am certified in EMDR & trained in progressive counting (treatment for trauma, PTSD, and anxiety). I also use therapies such as; CBT, schema therapy, mindfulness based therapy, and couples counseling using Integrated Behavioral Couples Therapy. I also have experience in addictions.


A combination of therapies can be helpful as things come up during the process of counseling. Humans are dynamic characters, as should be the approach we take in counseling to fulfill the goal of improving how we feel. 

Schedule a free consultation to take the first step in your healing journey. 

If you are a therapist working toward EMDR certification, you can schedule consultations with Chris as he is in the working toward EMDR consultant status through EMDRIA. Email for more info!

(716) 575-5359

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