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Healing through Yoga


Trauma exposure is prevalent in our society and effective treatment can be difficult to come by. Utilizing this as a secondary form of treatment for trauma, you will be able to use movement in the form of hatha yoga, and breath awareness practices that can be vital to the healing process. 

New Group- Starting Thursday June 6

A 6 Week Group that will begin Thursday June 6 @ 5pm

Each group will be 1.5 hour. We will begin by developing awareness on our body's response to adverse experiences and the stress response. We will understand what it means to "stay within our window of tolerence". We will work on healing by using intuitive movement through traditional yoga poses that will be offered to you- giving you choice and control of the process. Trauma is stored in our body and yoga can be a wonderful option to use as a part of your healing process.   

This is a "closed group" meaning those who enroll will be the same members for the 6 consecutive weeks. 

Cost: $120 for all 6 weeks. Please email: to begin the enrollment process.
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